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Acaia Live Edge

If you’re looking for a live edge dining, you’re in the right place. The live edge that you see is the outside curve of the tree trunk. It’s carefully worked back by hand to remove the loose bark and soft sapwood, leaving the smooth, tactile natural waney edge that makes each table so unique, and is so irresistible and satisfying to touch. 

The signature Acacia live edge dining table brings an organic, rustic-industrial aesthetic to the fore. Incorporating the natural edge of the wood into each design makes for a natural masterpiece and truly a one-off wonder. The addition of metal legs and base gives both tables a vintage workshop feel, while the lacquer finish renders the tables ready for chic urban spaces.

Made with a steel frame, using high grade steel that is precision cut for accuracy and welded for strength. Additional welds applied to key stress areas for additional strength. Easy to handle in the home, and engineered to last.