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HomePlus Furniture Fireworks Sledge Hammer Barrage
HomePlus Furniture Fireworks Sledge Hammer Barrage
HomePlus Furniture Fireworks Sledge Hammer Barrage

Sledge Hammer Barrage


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1 Firework per box.

This whopping 120 shot elite barrage emits a huge display which includes:
(A) Red burst brocade silver glitter.
(B) Green burst golden leaves golden glitter.
(C) Blue burst sky blue time rain.
(D Red star time rain willow comet.
(E) Blue burst silver palm time rain.
(F) Green head silver glitter willow.
(G) Red burst red palm silver glitter.
(H) Golden sunshine comet.
(I) Green burst green crackling palm.
(J) Crackling rainbow bouquet of red,
green, blue, yellow and purple stars.

(K) Blue burst and red glitter.

The Sledge Hammer is by Bright Star Fireworks, the UK's largest supplier of fireworks. All Bright Star Fireworks are 100% compliant with strict UK legislation and are CE marked EN15947 standards.

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Please note: Fireworks are available for collection in store ONLY. You will be required to show a copy of your order which can be found on your confirmation email we will send along with card used for payment and TWO forms of valid government issued photo ID.

Fireworks cannot be sold, collected or handled by anyone under the age of 18.

We reserve the right to refuse collection for any reason.

Although every effort is made to ensure your chosen fireworks are available upon collection sometimes due to high demand items can quickly become out of stock. In this case you will be offered a free upgrade on the unavailable item.

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