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At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers

10 Ways to Style a Chest of Drawers

Bedroom drawers are considered a staple of the bedroom landscape, and no wonder – the versatility they offer is impressive. Functional and practical, a chest of drawers in the bedroom provides storage solutions for a variety of items and clothing. But how do you style it?

Doubling as a dressing table, the chest of drawers top can soon become a cluttered space. Adding ornaments and other stylish additions can be a step too far, leading to a chaotic scene of ‘things’ you were trying to avoid.

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers
Before we plunge into ideas as to how to dress the drawer top, here’s how to gain the all-important symmetry and balance:

Clean it go back to basics and remove everything from the top and give the outside a clean with spray polish or wipes.

Set centre stage – you need to add something that gives the central visual balance. Do this by hanging something on the wall above the chest of drawers such as a mirror or piece of artwork. Don’t leave too much of a gap between the top and the item on the wall.

Something tall – to one side of the central wall item, add something tall like a vase with a slender flower or two, or a tall plant. You can also add a tall table lamp or a pillar candle.

Low & long – in front of this tall object, balance the height with something low and long. A low-lipped tray is a good example. It can be used to keep things together too but also balances the height of the object behind.

Medium height – toward the other end of the top, place a few items of medium height, like a column of two or three books, medium height candles, small pieces of artwork in frames and similar items.

Now step back and look at the chest of drawers – is there an even landscape of sizes, placement and texture that gives a pleasing finish?

No. 1 ~ Highlight it in the corner

If you have a chest of drawers in a corner, they can look a little lost. Add height for visual interest such as a vase of slender flowers or a plant that has height and stature. Group the vase or plant with similarly shaped accessories.

No. 2 ~ Keep the connection between it, and a mirror hung above it

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers

A common issue when hanging mirrors above items of furniture is that we hang them too high. This forms a disconnect between the drawers and the mirror. Use a large mirror no wider than the chest of drawers and place it about 8 inches above the drawer top. This way, there is cohesion between the two. Use the same dimensions if you are hanging artwork above your chest of drawers. You can also lean the piece against the wall with it standing on the chest of drawers.

No. 3 ~ Use personal effects and trinkets

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers

Minimal design rarely falls out of favour, but it can lead to a bedroom looking and feel stark or devoid of character. If you don’t want to undermine the beauty of this beautiful piece of furniture but feel it needs a ‘little something’, use some personal effects to add warmth and character. A display of your favourite books, for example, stacked in a small pile at an angle is delightful, as too are some of the personal effects that have a story to them or mean something to you. A family photo also works beautifully on top of drawers.

No. 4 ~ Create a bedroom ensemble  

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers
If you have a heightened sense of design and style, then you’ll have the gift of being able to successfully use different pieces of furniture in a bedroom. However, if you want a cohesive look, creating a bedroom ensemble using items from one style range will be your thing. When décor styles and colours change, you simply change the landscape around it for an updated look.

No. 5 ~ Lean on nature

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers


No matter the season, nature has the answer when it comes to adding stylistic flair to the bedroom. Adding plants to the bedroom – and flowers, dried or fresh – adds a piece of nature that is thought to have a beneficial effect on us. Being surrounded by plants boosts our mood and creativity. There is also a suggestion that plants improve air quality in the home too, something that is welcome in any room.

No. 6 ~ Think texture

When choosing a chest of drawers, you’ll be keen to get the best storage solutions. Deep drawers are ideal for tucking away bulky jumpers, for example. You’ll also make a decision based on style and colour. But what about texture?

But they can feel a bit flat too, pushing themselves back into the wall. Choosing a set of bedroom drawers that have a ‘proud’ design instantly adds interest without swallowing space.

No. 7 ~ Stop the cluttered top with trays and baskets

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers

On one hand, the idea of a minimalist bedroom sounds wonderful, but for many people, the practice is very different. All too soon, ‘things and stuff’ clutter the top of the chest of drawers. Clutter in the bedroom flies against the tranquil setting you are attempting to enjoy.

Group items together can be as this gives a sense of order to things, as well as to the eye line. Use trays, for example, to keep makeup, perfume bottles and other essential items in order. Low-lipped, round bamboo trays are ideal. If you feel you need more structure, use baskets. Opt for natural materials such as bamboo or wicker over plastic for a softer feel.

No. 8 ~ Choosing dimensions

Bedroom drawers come in a range of sizes, but the likelihood of finding a set that fits exactly into a space is not strong. Unless you opt for fitted, customised drawers, choosing the right dimensions is key to styling, as much as it is about versatility.

Choose a chest of bedroom drawers that are small enough to fit in the space but doesn’t look like it is trying too hard to fill in. In other words, choose a piece that allows a gap on either side, ideal for floor-based items such as a statuesque vase. That way, you promote cohesion between the item and the space in which it sites.

No. 9 ~ Be bold with colour

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers


If you love colour, you’ll understand how to work with it.

Opting for wooden chest of drawers give you’re a natural canvas from which to work. The warm tones of wood sit well with almost any wall colour or patterned wallpaper, from floral to geometric prints.

If you want to switch things up, choosing drawers with colour can really make them pop. Choose a similar style to the rest of the bedroom furniture items – e.g. if you have integral handles on wardrobes, choose a similar style for the bedroom drawers – but opt for a different colour.

White chest of drawers will pop against a dark coloured wall and to keep the sense of cohesive style, cluster white vases together at one end of the top and a column of three or five books at the other. Use a beautiful print to fill the central space without cluttering the view.

No. 10 ~ Bold table lamp

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 10 Ways To Style A Chest Of Drawers


Adding a lamp to a chest of drawers is ideal for all kinds of reasons – it cast light into corners and shady areas, as well as adding function and form to an item.

In some cases, the bigger and more bold a table lamp, the better. However, make sure the dimensions are balanced between the base and the shade. A large shade on a small base will look too contrived.

How do you plan in styling your chest of drawers?


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