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At Home with HomePlus Blog | 2021 Garden Furniture Trends

Garden Furniture Trends 2021

 If there is one thing that the events of the last 12 months have shown us, it is the value of having proper outdoor space. The great weather, and the stay-at-home order issued last year in March saw a huge number of families rediscovering their gardens and even experimenting with growing their own vegetables. With the situation still somewhat up in the air this year, the trend for using the garden more is likely to continue. So, if you are looking to spend more time in your garden this summer and would like to invest in some furniture that is in keeping with current garden trends, then read on to discover some of the garden furniture trends for 2021 that might catch your eye.

At Home With HomePlus Blog | 2021 Garden Furniture Trends

Garden Accessory Must-Haves

 The garden is definitely an extension of the home, and with the right accessories, it becomes another room offering you a completely different aspect of your house and, of course, being somewhere that you will want to spend plenty of time. When it comes to sprucing up your space, your garden trends for 2021 will almost certainly include calming sculptures, outdoor sofas, outdoor cushions and even garden rugs. The idea of creating a natural flow from the inside of the home right into the garden will be right at the top of the list for many people as they choose to stay closer to home and enjoy the space that they have.


Garden furniture

 Clean lines and squared-off furniture are undoubtedly key this season. Rectangular or square tables rather than circular ones teamed with chairs with straight back and arms will carry the look of any home straight into the garden Colour-wise neutral is the big pick, and it really isn’t hard to see why. Whites, shades of grey and pale browns will blend seamlessly into the garden, offering you somewhere to relax and unwind on, hopefully, those long hot summer days.

Once the popular choice for those people with larger gardens and plenty of space, rattan garden furniture is making a comeback with those people who want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Whether you simply want a table and chair set or prefer the idea of a more casual outdoor seating arrangement with rattan sofas and a large low table, this is the ideal choice that will perfectly set off your garden.

If you favour a more modern look inside your home, it is only natural that you would want to carry it into your garden as well.

Not everyone loves rattan when it comes to garden furniture, and that’s okay too. There are other furniture trends for 2021.  Outdoor furniture that looks like indoor furniture is expected to be a real trendsetter; think deep, comfortable cushions and sleek lines. Hanging chairs and cocoons are also one of this season’s garden must-haves as people really take relaxing in their gardens to the next level of comfort.

 At Home With HomePlus Blog | 2021 Garden Furniture Trends

Garden cushions

For a more informal seating solution, and one that can easily be stored inside the home garden, cushions – a very popular choice with younger family members – offer a great alternative with several advantages. Not only can they be put away somewhere dry at the end of the day, but they are also very easy to move around the garden to follow the sun, or the shade, whatever suits you.


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Garden rugs

Similar to a picnic rug, a garden rug is also likely to be high on the list of must-haves this year. A rug is another very versatile way of using your garden as much as possible and of course, perfect for younger children. They are great for making a den, having a picnic or simply for playing on. And the beauty is that they can be folded up nice and small, so they need minimal storage space.


Garden lighting

Of course, as we plan to make more use of our gardens this year, that means being out there longer, and garden lighting is sure to be a big trend this year with people looking for clever solutions that will offer them plenty of light in the garden so that they can utilise the outdoor space for as long as possible. With an ever-increasing awareness towards the environment, expect to see solar lighting high up the list of popular choices this summer, with path lights and even table lights proving to be popular choices. Candles for your table, including citronella candles, are also likely to feature heavily this summer as people try to recreate the holiday vibe in the possible absence of foreign travel.

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How to Care for Rattan Garden Furniture

Many people steer clear of rattan garden furniture because they are simply not sure how to look after it. However, it is surprisingly easy to care for. So here is a quick guide to how to care for Rattan garden furniture.
  • Remove loose dirt and soil from the furniture using the brush attachment on a vacuum.
  • Stubborn debris can be removed with a toothbrush or cocktail stick carefully.
  • Use warm soapy water to wash your rattan furniture, giving it a scrub where necessary to remove any muck, this can be done with a toothbrush in hard-to-reach areas and a soft cloth for the main body of the furniture – do not saturate your rattan furniture.
  • Allow the sun to dry the furniture thoroughly. If it is wet outside, then place it in a well-ventilated area to dry.
The cushions on Rattan furniture are not waterproof. They are only designed to withstand showers, so if you want to keep them looking their best, store them inside when not in use. This will prevent staining and mould due to damp.
Covers are a great way to protect your Rattan garden furniture against the elements, including fading, which can occur as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun.


Garden Lighting Ideas for Entertaining

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With the restrictions on meeting people outdoors due to be lifted before those for meeting indoors, the garden is likely to become a very popular entertaining space in 2021. Whilst the evenings will undoubtedly lighter soon, the best way to make the most use of your garden in the summer is to invest in garden lighting. There are plenty of garden lighting ideas that can work really well for your outside space, and it can be worth investing in a range of different lighting to suit every need and occasion. Solar lighting is very handy for the garden and works really well at lower levels, such as along paths where the lighting doesn’t need to be as bright in order to show any potential dangers. It is also great for those people who don’t want to have some form of external socket placed on their home or run cables around. Lantern lights are set to be on trend this year and are the perfect way to create a real ambience in your garden where they will work well on a table or as one of several patio lighting ideas that look to be big this year. Waterproof patio floor lamps are also set to be a popular choice, which is rather wise considering the inconsistent weather that we can be subjected to.

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