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At Home With HomePlus Blog | Hallway Ideas You're Sure To Love

Hallway Ideas You’re Sure to Love


It’s high time to remember the humble hallway and give this oft forgotten “waste of space” that many consider it to be, the kudos it truly deserves. Here, we give you some great ideas to make the entrance to your home just as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Useful and beautiful

A hallway is, in effect, a transition between different points in your home, but why should we look down our noses at corridors or spaces that lead from A to B when they serve a very important purpose? Some home owners are lucky enough to have impressive hallways that literally run the length of the house – making them a true focal point.

Yes, it is true that older properties such as traditional two up, two downs and flats have no hallways at all, and many modern planners want to do away with them altogether so not everyone have one or is indeed a fan but there can be a kind of excitement (and privacy) that comes from being able to enter separate rooms even you do sometimes forget what you went in for.

Now, you may not be lucky enough to live in a mansion and those that are often display paintings of long-forgotten ancestors in their hallway designs which wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but no matter how long or short, thin or wide – everyone has the ability to show off a hallway to its best advantage especially as decorative styles change all the time and hall design is this Autumn’s trend. If you put your thinking cap on – using your hallway as additional living space can also be part of your hallway décor ideas too – just think home office, sleep zone for your pet or extra storage – all whilst looking beautiful too!

So without further ado; here are some of the best hallway decorating ideas you can consider to take you and your home from 2021 into 2022.

Through the looking glass

At Home With HomePlus Blog | Hallway Ideas You're Sure To Love

Mirrors are one of the best hallway ideas using reflection to create the illusion of space and brightness which is a boon for your arsenal of small hallway décor ideas. The old fashioned term for a mirror is a “looking glass” but whether you choose a traditional, simplistic or ornate style – a mirror can give a great first impression to a hallway entrance whether it’s part of a dresser (great for storing shoes in!) or simply an eye-catching piece for the wall. Free standing mirrors with shelves underneath also add a focal point of interest and the opportunity to check your appearance on your way out!

Turn the tables

 Valetta Console Table


A hallway IS an extension of your living space and there are no rules to say what you can or can’t put in them to compliment your hallway décor. A console or standard hallway table can be a great way to display family photos and act as a handy spot to keep spare change and a brolly as well as other family essentials. A strategically placed lamp also adds welcoming warmth and brightness with the autumn nights starting to close in.

Another way to create a useful feature is to choose a hand-crafted console table because you don’t have to save the best one for your dining room! A one of a kind piece could be one of your hallway furniture ideas especially when it is combined with reclaimed and industrial elements (two of the biggest current trends) and can even be used to turn your hallway into a useful office space.

With space being a factor in many homes small hall décor ideas is a must-have; especially those with growing families. A console table can be both eye catching and practical with most having drawers and bases where your choice of storage baskets can be displayed – another way to add colour or a theme to your space such as rattan or fabric.

Putting Down Roots – Teak Style

Teak Root Console Table | Without Glass 


Most of us will surely have seen the teak root tables that are taking the home fashion scene by storm so if you are looking for hallways inspiration you need look no further. A real show stopper is a teak table sans glass which means you can place it in a smaller area to create the true wow factor. These rare pieces of furniture are as unique as the roots they are made of – just like the roots we put down in our own homes but adding more than a touch of nature with their very own magical designs. Not only will you be enhancing and entrancing your hallway – you will also be benefitting the planet as each root is sourced in conjunction with the National Indonesian Eco Programme.

And when it comes to decorating hallway walls as part of your hall design – you can slap on a light shade of colour to open up space but you can also add interest with a picture ledge or botanical wallpaper too!

Fill Your Hall With Wonder

 Graffiti Daschund


It’s not just your choice of wallpaper print, colour, floor covering or furniture that helps to form the palette of your hall decorating ideas. There are some truly weird and wonderful accessories to be found that provide contrast and colour so why not dare to go bold and up your design stakes? After all, it’s good to be different and whether your style is steampunk, vintage or Banksy style graffiti; a well placed animal statue, driftwood sculpture, feature book ends or even a diving helmet can quickly become the envy (and talking point) of visitors to your home. There is no reason that the right accessories can’t be part of your small hallway ideas. Traditional seated lion ornaments that used to be synonymous with wealth and privilege can now be your power animal that guards your home.


 Ombre Lamp


An important addition to any list of hall design ideas is the right lighting to suit your needs and moods. Many of us can think back to the era of our parents’ standard lamps and vowed never to have one in our own home because they seem so passé. Like everything however – designs move with the times and vintage can be combined with a modern twist and the running person lamp made from industrial piping with a light bulb head would break people out in a smile every time – almost like having another person in the house.

Materials traditionally used outdoors are now coming indoors with modern stone candles and metal tealight lanterns providing alfresco or vintage street style ambience. Glass pineapple lamps are a real nod to art deco style and literally look good enough to eat with their fruity glamour. You may also want to ruffle some feathers with a feather lamp – a bold and modern statement but also one that can add a bit of kitsch to funky homeowners.

Hallway designs

 Cambridge Grey Painted Oak 2 Drawer Console Table


Decorating and styling any area of your home is both exciting and challenging and yet designing your hallway can give you a headache but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are now a plethora of ideas to turn the often smallest, narrowest and usually most over-looked part of your home into what should be a great first impression. The idea is not to have the perfect hallway but one that makes a personal statement of who you combined with the practicality to suit your lifestyle so don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas and think out of the box. After all – the hallway is usually the first impression of your home so deserves as much importance as the rest of the house; if not more so!

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