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Home Office Décor Ideas

Home Office Décor – Your Ultimate Guide


When you spend a lot of time working from home it’s only natural to want to make your office environment comfortable yet practical and personable yet private. It may be a natural extension of your home (unless you can erect a “posh shed” at the bottom of the garden and some people do just that!) but there is nothing as disconcerting as being continually distracted by the intrusions of family life who seem to think you are not really “working” and so are on call to play with the kids, walk the family dog, go to the shop – the list can go on...

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the business world works – perhaps even forever and with more and more people working from home part-time or indeed all of the time; it’s more important than ever to get your individual work/home life balance through the right office room ideas especially when you never leave the building to “go home”.

Location, location, location

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Your first consideration is obviously where your designated office space will be and the space available to you. There is nothing wrong with sitting on the sofa with a mug of coffee in one hand (or wine) and your tablet in the other occasionally but working from home involves getting in the right head space and this means getting your home office space right too.

If you have a spare room then great – you’re half way there. For those of us living in properties where space is a premium then a designated area can work – you will just need to draw demarcation lines where you can and perhaps include a do not disturb sign!

Innovative small office ideas can include an Oxford style, single pedestal desk placed in the corner of a usual household room such as a living or dining space that is out of bounds to the rest of the family during “business hours”. This would work especially well for those that only require a small amount of equipment that can be used and then tidily put away so it still feels like a family-friendly home the rest of the time.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | Home Office Décor Ideas

Colour me beautiful

It is well known that colour has an effect on our mood and productivity so if you have a home office space where you can have free reign – neutral or pastel shades will be more suited to low-stress productivity. For those who really can’t live without bolder shades – painting one wall in zingy orange can provide a natural boost for low energy afternoons and of course – accents of colour can also be added with the accessories you choose.

Bums on seats

 Lifestyle Rotating Office Chair


Obviously, you are going to spend a great deal of time at your desk and although you will need space to comfortably move around when needed; a good quality chair and work station is essential but that doesn’t mean “boring”. This is your home and you make the rules so there is no reason why your office can’t be a style statement in its own right or flow seamlessly into the design of the rest of the house. Choice of furniture for small home office ideas will depend on size with consideration given to versatility and storage. For instance; a Nixon laptop desk paired with a small leather chair is ideal. Adding a tall, slim industrial bookcase made from reclaimed mango wood to display your office essentials will certainly add a professional yet exotic touch too! 

Size Matters

At Home with HomePlus Blog | Home Office Décor Ideas 


If you can accommodate a slightly larger desk in your home office decorating ideas then a double pedestal unit combines a larger work area and storage in one as well as a necessary keyboard hatch. The Nixon design is made from stunning reclaimed wood – a simplistic style statement in itself but you can choose other accessories to compliment or contrast. An eye catching boat-shaped bookcase, sheepskin rug for cosy toes, a feather lamp for a bit of glamour and don’t get us started on the choice of clocks available for you to keep an eye on working hours!

Most homes have a bookcase that displays our reading material and although you probably won’t want any Mills & Boon in your office space – a small, low bookcase is probably a must-have on your list of small home office ideas as it can be used to display manuals and sit your printer or fax machine on top.

Comfort and Style

Whatever your office size – you want to be both comfortable and stylish. Feeling the very best about yourself will enable you to produce your very best work and having a room that not only works but looks good will certainly help you get out of bed on a morning. Office ideas can include retro styling with the ubiquitous modern twist and a walnut leather match chair that not only looks great but feels great too.

You could also consider a rotating captain’s style chair, a luxury pine double pedestal desk inlaid with leather – fit for any CEO or why not consider a slate topped bookcase?

Working from your boudoir

 At Home with HomePlus Blog | Home Office Décor Ideas


There is no rule to say you cannot work from the most romantic room of your home and yet many people fail to consider this completely workable option – just don’t take your work to bed with you! Many people who at home can do so from the smallest of properties – you just need to get really creative with the use of space with small home office decorating ideas including a Nixon tall bookcase to house work and personal essentials (think storage baskets) and household ornaments.

Having your desk facing the window is one of the best bedroom office ideas as you still feel like part of the outside world and it’s great for people watching on your coffee breaks too! Using vertical rather than bulky storage and using multi-purpose furniture where possible will also help you utilise space to its best advantage. You can also use a decorative screen to create an air of separateness from the rest of the room.

Quirky corners

When considering office room ideas for irregular spaces – you need to choose furniture that will fit. Older properties (especially coastal ones!) will find a pine boat bookcase is just the ticket for nooks and crannies; making working from home feel like plain sailing even if everything around you is all at sea.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | Home Office Décor Ideas

Clock watching

 There is nothing quite like a statement clock to provide a focal point that is both stylish and practical. Large vintage-style clocks reminiscent of Steampunk stations are the autumn trend of time-keeping design and can be incorporated even into small office space ideas. And a clock doesn’t have to be round. A square, sun dial style time piece would look fantastic when working in a conservatory or posh lean-to.



Beautifying your space

Finally, just as we love to choose decorative items for the rest of our homes – there is no reason to miss out on objects d’art for your office space too especially when they combine elements of practicality too. Who could argue with a statement feather lamp as part of your home office decoration design palette especially when you have a visible keyboard and wish to work with more muted lighting towards the end of the day? The addition of a stylish mirror is also a simple way to add more brightness as well as the illusion of space. It can also be useful to check your appearance before any Zoom meetings.

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