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At Home With HomePlus Blog | How To Buy Wardrobes Online

How To Buy Wardrobes Online

Buying furniture online shouldn’t be hard, but if you don’t get to see a piece of furniture ‘in-the-flesh’ how do you know it will fit and deliver the storage solutions that you need? Wardrobes are key pieces in the bedroom, and with this wardrobe buying guide, you’ll be investing in the best wardrobe for your budget!

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes which makes choosing the right one difficult, more so if you are shopping online. With this more likely to become the norm in the coming months, just how do you make the right choice?

Measure, measure, measure

Wardrobes can be single, double, or triple in size, and that means wardrobes dimensions vary.

If it can’t fit into the space that you have, you’ll have that difficult decision of whether to move around the room to fit it in, or whether to send it back. Before you start considering styles and the finer details, you need to be confident that the wardrobe is the ideal fit for the space you have.

  • Step 1 – start by measuring the space where you plan on putting wardrobe. As well as width, you’ll need to consider height as well as depth. Take note of things like skirting boards too as they will remove a vital few millimetres that could make all the difference of the wardrobe fitting.
  • Step 2 – check the measurements details given for the wardrobe you are planning to buy online. You need to check width, depth and height.
At Home With HomePlus Blog | How To Buy Wardrobes Online


There is another issue with measurements, and that is getting the wardrobe to the bedroom once it has been delivered. Even flatpack furniture can be a tall order to squeeze up narrow stairs!

For larger pieces of furniture like a beautiful oak wardrobe, the delivery team may deliver it to the room of your choice, but they can only do so if the item is not too large for the space it is being carried through.

As we mentioned, there are always solutions for getting furniture into a space by moving other things, but the more you research this before you buy, the better.


Now that you are confident with the dimensions of the space and have solved accessibility problems, you can start to take a look at the range of wardrobes online.

But before you do, you need to set your budget.

A realistic budget for oak and pine wardrobes can be anything between £300 and £700 and more, especially for larger wardrobes. The price of a wardrobe is a key indicator of many things, including the design, the quality of the build and material used.

Wardrobes made from materials such as MDF with a plastic veneer coating will be a lot less than a solid oak wardrobe, for example.

Woods such as pine and oak also offer a stronger, sturdier structure and with their timeless appeal, will be an investment that will last for years to come.

Oak wardrobes are beautiful in their own right, and as a slow-growing tree, oak has a dense structure that makes for a superior product.

Pine wardrobes are equally as popular and offer the same strength and structure as oak, especially when matched with superior build and design.

At Home With HomePlus Blog | How To Buy Wardrobes Online


Style is key, and we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to the final finish and colour of our furniture.

Choosing wardrobes that sit well with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom is key, as too is sitting well with the décor throughout your home.

  • Material – wood is an ideal material not just for wardrobes but all furniture. Pine and oak wardrobes are popular. A versatile material, you can opt for an oak wardrobe with a natural finish, for example, or one that is painted or treated to give it another style completely.
  • Design – from wardrobe with a French chic-inspired design to the pleasing finish of a rustic pine wardrobe that sits within the parameters of the farmhouse design, there is a growing range of styles to choose from.
  • Colour – from being able to see the grain of the wood to painted wardrobes, there are many options. For the smaller room or one with a coastal style finish, opting for painted white wardrobes and furniture is a great solution.
  • Drawers – a wardrobe should offer the storage solutions you need and so choosing a single, double or triple wardrobe with drawers solves a myriad of solutions in one stroke. From one large drawer to smaller, narrower drawers, it is important to opt for the wardrobe that suits you.

Buying wardrobes for a smaller bedroom? As well as opting for a lighter colour or one with an integral mirror, choose one that has legs rather than sitting directly on the floor. This gap between the floor and the underside of the wardrobe is a clever trick as it allows the eye to see more of the floor, tricking the brain into thinking the room is bigger than it is.

The internal structure

Drawer space is just one storage solution that could yield you results but so too could the internal structure of the wardrobe.

  • Hanging rail – ideal for when you want to hang everything from trousers through to coats. Half-height hanging rails are ideal for when hanging smaller items such as shirts and jackets.

  • Internal shelving – great for folder items such as chunky winter jumpers and sweaters. Can also be used to store shoes or you may wish to use a range of baskets to keep smaller items neat and tidy in one place

The takeaway lesson is that sometimes, the simplest solutions work best. And so a hanging rail with or without an internal shelf can offer you the storage solutions you need without being overly complicated or too prescriptive.

At Home With HomePlus Blog | How To Buy Wardrobes Online

The details

The final step is to consider the details that can make your chosen wardrobe the piece of furniture that offers what you want and need.

  • Door opening – doors that open outwards need ‘opening space’. In smaller rooms, this can be problematic. Sliding doors solve this solution. You also need to consider that there isn’t anything to impede the door being opened fully so that you gain access easier.

  • Hinges – not all hinges will be on show, but when they are, you want them to have a stylish finesse to them. Too bulky and they detract from the overall finish.
  • Handles – from sleek brushed silver finish handles to same coloured round handles, consider these carefully as again from a stylistic point of view.
  • Mirror – a fitted mirror on the front of the wardrobe is ideal, especially for bouncing light around the bedroom. Some wardrobes have mirrored doors or, if that’s too much, choose one with a slimline mirrored panel, common on three-door wardrobes.

With this guide to help you, choosing which wardrobe to buy will be simpler than you thought – and you’re sure to end up with one that suits both your room and your style.

At Home With HomePlus Blog | How To Buy Wardrobes Online

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