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At Home With HomePlus Blog | Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Kitchen Seating

A Guide to the Best Kitchen Seating

Whether you have a breakfast bar or you have put together a lovely dining spot within your kitchen, one thing you are going to need to do is make sure you have comfortable and stylish seats for everyone. However, this can sometimes be a lot easier said than done. After all, there are so many beautiful kitchen stools, bars, and such like on the market today, which can make it feel almost impossible to narrow down your search effectively. There is no need to worry, though, as we have covered everything for you in the guide to the best kitchen seating. So, read on to find out more.


At Home With HomePlus Blog | Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Kitchen Seating

Think about the purpose of your kitchen seating area

There is only one place to begin when it comes to choosing the best kitchen seating, and this is with the purpose of the area. Of course, kitchen seats are to sit down on. However, you can create different types of seating areas in kitchens, and so it is important to keep this in mind because it will dictate the size and style of seats that you opt for.
There are a few different things that you should consider when it comes to this. The first thing is whether or not you intend to sit in the kitchen for every meal. You should also consider whether you are going to be doing anything aside from eating at the table, for example, socialising, playing games, or doing your homework. Furthermore, you need to consider whether or not you are the sort of person that is going to be hosting dinner parties on a regular basis.

If you find yourself nodding to a lot of what has been said in the former paragraph, it makes sense to look for seating that has a comfortable back and you may even want to look for chairs with arms as well. After all, the signs are that you are going to be using your kitchen seating a lot and you will stay at the kitchen table for prolonged periods of time. Because of this, you need something that is going to be comfortable for a long period of time. A kitchen stool simply is not going to cut it. On the flip side, though, if you just want to have a kitchen bar area whereby everyone can have a quick bite to eat in the morning, kitchen bar stools are perfect. This is why it is important to take the time to truly consider how often you are going to be sitting on the chairs in question and what you are going to be doing while sitting there. 

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What sort of style should you choose? 

There are so many different styles and types of kitchen chairs to choose from. So, spend some time looking at the different options so you can understand what is available to you:

Adjustable kitchen chairs - If you have a family that consists of people of different heights who are growing, adjustable chairs will grow with them. This makes the most sense because it means you will not need to replace your chairs in the near future.

Stationary chairs - Stationary chairs also work well in kitchens, especially if you are working in a space that is intimate, as they do not demand as much room as you would need in your kitchen for a swivel chair.

Swivel chairs - Speaking of swivel chairs, this is another option you may want to consider for your kitchen. We have all sat on a swivel chair before and found ourselves doing a little rotation, purely on instinct. Swivel chairs are great for kitchen seating, as they offer a lot more flexibility for you to amend your position. Rather than needing to crane your neck to talk with your neighbour, all you need to do is swing around. This also means that it is a lot easier to get on and off this sort of chair. 

Simple stool - This is your basic kitchen stool, which has no arms and no back! These stools are perfect for small spaces, and you will find that there are a lot of modern and chic designs for you to select from today.

Chairs with armrests - It is not common to choose a chair with an armrest for your kitchen. However, there are no rules! It is your kitchen, after all. If you intend on using the chairs often and you have a lot of space available to you, chairs with armrests can be a great choice. You may even want to create a little, cosy coffee area in your kitchen space. The options are endless.

At Home With HomePlus Blog | Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Kitchen Seating

    Consider the type of material to choose

    In addition to all of the points that we have mentioned so far, we would advise that you spend some time carefully considering the type of material that is going to be right for your kitchen chairs.
    Picking materials can be a lot of fun but it does take some thought and consideration in the process as well. After all, it is not just about the style that you want to create but it is also about the practical side of things.
    For example, you need to think about whether your children are going to be using this seating area. If you have children, practicality and ease of maintenance are going to be critical areas of consideration.
    Some of the most durable options for you to choose from include wood (if treated properly), metal, and leather.

    If you do not have pets or children, you will have a much wider range of options for you to select from. You can opt for a lovely, luxurious fabric, for instance.

    At Home With HomePlus Blog | Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Kitchen Seating

    Get the size and height right

    Last but not least, one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to buying furniture for any room is purchasing items that are not the right size. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing something and realising that it does not fit.

    This is why you always need to look at the dimensions and specifications when purchasing kitchen chairs. Also, make sure you measure your kitchen and the space that is available to you. Most dining chairs will be between 71 and 76 cm in height. However, you should never just assume that this is the case. Always read the product description so that you are not leaving anything to chance, as this is when mistakes are made and money is wasted.

    At Home With HomePlus Blog | Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Kitchen Seating

    Final words on choosing the best kitchen seating for your needs

    As you can see, there is a lot that needs to be considered when it comes to selecting the perfect chairs for your kitchen area. There are a lot of beautiful and practical kitchen seating options on the market today. So, it is all about thinking about what style is going to suit the layout of your kitchen the best. That way, you’re sure to be able to opt for seating that perfectly fits the bill.

    At Home With HomePlus Blog | Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Kitchen Seating

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