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At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs


When it comes to choosing dining room seats you want to make sure that you get the ones that are best suited to your needs. Not all dining chairs are created equal, however. They come in a huge range of different styles and choosing just one style can be tricky, as there is so much to consider. For example, do you go for high backs or low ones, chairs with upholstered seats or separate cushions (and don’t get us started on the debate of arms versus no arms!) Of course there is no better way of buying chairs than in person when you can test them out by sitting on them, but in this current climate this is something many people, understandably, prefer not to do. To help you to make a choice of what would work best for you, we’ve created a handy guide to purchasing dining room chairs online.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

What are the chairs for?

The first thing that you need to consider when purchasing dining chairs is what you are purchasing them for. Are they to go with an existing table, or to go with a new table that you are purchasing separately? You should also think about the room that they are going in as well, for example are they for a more formal dining room or do you have a more informal kitchen diner?

Let us look at the issue of the table first. In order to get the correct dining chairs for your table you need to know the dimensions of your table; this should include the height and the length and width of the table – after all you want the chairs to fit properly in the space that you have – and don’t forget you’ll need room for them to pull out.

The room that your chairs will be going in may also have an impact on the type of chairs that you select. For example, fabric dining room chairs are more suited to a dining room set up whilst wooden dining chairs work well in a kitchen diner; especially if you are going for a more rustic look.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

Chairs for a dining room

With newer houses tending to be a little on the compact side, many houses do not have the luxury of a separate dining room. For those that do, this is often somewhere that they enjoy proper sit-down meals with the whole family, this might be for evening meals every day or simply for more important occasions with visitors. Because this room tends to be used for more structured mealtimes, the fabric dining chair is an incredibly popular choice. There are some fantastic choices on the market when it comes to upholstered dining room chairs from elegant upholstered chairs with clean lines and high backs to those with more ornate backs and upholstery. When selecting fabric dining room chairs, think about whether you want something very modern looking or mid-century dining chairs that will match the style of your table. It may be worth considering if you have children, that an easier to clean leather or faux leather dining chair may be a better choice than a more porous fabric.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

Muted or bold?

Something else that you will want to think about is, of course, colour. There’s no right and wrong choice when it comes to choosing the colour of your chairs. You may want something that coordinates well with the décor in your dining room and blends in, or you might consider making the chairs a feature of your dining space and choosing a bold colour.  If so, you won’t have to restrict yourself to just one colour either. Whether you want grey dining chairs or pink dining chairs there are plenty of different styles from plain to striped and even floral patterns to choose from, allowing you to make a true feature of your dining chairs and build your room around them.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

Chairs for a kitchen diner

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a kitchen diner can be a great place to eat most of your meals. This is especially true if you have a young family, because you can keep an eye on them while they eat and still get on with some of those other jobs you might need to do.

The country kitchen look for a kitchen diner is very popular in many family homes, with people opting for a solid oak dining table and chairs that will not only be a place to eat family meals but also for the children to do their homework while diner is being cooked. Oak dining chairs are very sturdy and whether you opt for light oak dining chairs or dark oak dining chairs they are a good choice if you are looking for something that will stand being put through its paces over the years. Metal dining chairs can also be a popular choice for a kitchen diner. They are easy to clean and fit very well into an open modern space.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

Making Space

If space is something of a premium in your kitchen diner, then a dining bench could be a great space saving item of furniture that can be pushed under your table when not in use and means that you can move your table closer to a wall to create a better path though the kitchen. Dining benches come in lots of different styles too. Perhaps you would like an oak dining bench to complement your solid oak dining table and chairs, or an upholstered dining bench that will add another design element to your kitchen. A live edge bench is a beautiful option that will really add natural lines to any room and will perfectly complement whatever type of wood dining chair you choose.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

Other things to consider

Depending on the décor in your home you may also want to consider the idea of mixing the styles of chairs that you purchase. Matching dining chairs have been the norm for centuries, but modern design is breaking away from this and mixing different designs to great effect. A wood dining bench and hardwood dining chair combination is a relatively safe combination, but some people are opting to mix a dining bench seat and metal dining room chairs to produce a more eclectic look. Different colours of fabric chairs in the right combination can also make a great design statement.

Like most furniture, when purchasing dining chairs for your home, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you’re going for the industrial, country, or shaker style, we have a range of options that are sure to fit around your dining table and look great for years to come.

At Home with HomePlus Blog | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Dining Chairs

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